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Project RELO missions provide superlative leadership training. Yet, even more importantly, participants develop a deep understanding about the character, quality, and full extent of our veterans’ skills. And with this understanding comes appreciation, and a desire to hire more of our former military members into our respective organizations. Project RELO then continues its veteran advocacy beyond the missions by helping firms establish, or improve existing, military hiring programs.

If you and your firm want to participate in a Project RELO mission, or simply get assistance in helping to diversify your workforce by implementing a robust veteran outreach capability, we stand by to serve.


Our character is reflected in our credo


Respect of tradition and devotion to our cause and each other are our strengths.  Courage and loyalty our virtues.


We embrace the importance of character.  Our intent is to demonstrate veterans' character, and the character of Project RELO at every opportunity.



Our sense of honor, pride and fellowship is sacred.   We demonstrate our solidarity and unity by supporting each other, and taking pride in our growing team and its accomplishments.


Our team is our strength and we welcome those into our ranks that share this credo.

Project RELO is a great open platform experience that delivers multiple benefits. For corporate executives it provides the best leadership training I have ever experienced. Despite being a nonprofit, participants definitively get more out of it than they give. Yet the training is bidirectional as veterans benefit by building the relationships that result in mentoring, references and even new job opportunities
— Alex Porter VP, RL Canning Inc., Project RELO Alumni


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