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The Project RELO leadership mission is our force multiplier to raise awareness to executives of the outstanding leadership and character which veterans can bring into organizations.  With companies citing leadership and employee engagement as two of the top factors that are required for sustainable growth, companies need to change the game on where and how they are hiring talent. Participants in a Project RELO mission will leave with a clear understanding of why they should hire more veterans into their firms as they will witness, first-hand, meticulously trained and highly effective leaders in action. Missions are held outdoors in an open or custom format over a three day period in conjunction with various US military bases


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Project relo Leadership team

Casey McEuin

Casey McEuin is a leader, adventurer, prolific networker, and the Executive Director of Project RELO. Like so many of our veterans, McEuin is focused on mission, purpose, and making an impact in our communities, companies, and country. He currently directs his keen sense of commitment to the worthy endeavor of pinpointing the intersection between business talent needs and the skills, training, and rich character of our transitioning veterans.

The wellspring of Mr. McEuin’s commitment is the unique combination of optimism and hardship. At the age of 25, McEuin was an aspiring Olympic athlete and a fierce competitor on the Army’s Tae Kwon Do team. Eight years later he earned the Purple Heart when he was shot through the back in Afghanistan. And in that same instant, he lost the use of his legs.

Hardship is no match for optimism. Despite being told that the paralysis was permanent, Casey insisted that he would walk again. Nearly two and a half years later, he did exactly that. Discharged from the military after his recovery, his struggle continued as he worked to assimilate into a society that was unable to understand the full extent of what a veteran of 17 years had to offer the workforce.

Discharged from the military after his recovery, he worked to assimilate into a society that was unable to understand the full extent of what a veteran of 17 years had to offer the workforce. Galvanized by his experiences, McEuin dedicated himself to helping veterans transition more effectively into the civilian workforce. He fulfills this mission as the leader of Project RELO, and by setting the example for other vets by continuing his education and personal and professional development. 


Executive Director, Project RELO

U.S. Army Retired
Purple Heart Recipient


Project relo Leadership team

David Gano

Dave is a Project RELO Co-founder and currently serves as the organization's President.  Dave is a civilian, an entrepreneur, and a businessman. Raised in a military family where his father served in the National Guard and grandfather served as an Air Force Lt. Col (WWII, Vietnam and Korean Conflicts). His respect & appreciation for the character, discipline and doctrine instilled by military service has deep roots.  Project RELO helps to answer his sense of duty to support and serve our military men and women as they transition to the civilian workforce while also strengthening our business community with the character, discipline and excellence demonstrated by these veterans.

President, Project RELO

Technology Executive


Board & Leadership

Christian Anschuetz

Christian Anschuetz is an entrepreneur, business executive, and two-tour active-duty veteran of the United States Marine Corps. His diverse background and interests have helped him incubate a successful technology services company, propelled him to the executive ranks of two leading firms, and most recently, inspired the launch of the innovative nonprofit startup Project RELO. 

Always challenging the status quo, Christian is now tackling the pervasive issue of veteran underemployment. His unorthodox approach teams top corporate executives with exceptional veteran leaders as they conduct multiday military field exercises. With the generous support of the United States Army, Project RELO creates the environments and curriculum that result in the most engaging, effective leadership training available anywhere.

Developing leadership talent, however, is just one of the outcomes. More importantly, the visceral experiences of participants result in the keen understanding that hiring a veteran is more than a social good—it is simply good business. 

Christian is currently the Chief Digital Officer of UL (formerly Underwriters Laboratories) and the Chairman of Project RELO. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from the University of Michigan, a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Science from Strayer University, and is a graduate of Yale’s Executive Leadership Program.


Chairman, Project RELO

Chief Digital Officer

Veteran - Marine Corps Officer




Board & Leadership

Bob Reynolds

Bob Reynolds is an entrepreneur who has been involved in four successful startups, all involved with IT software and consulting services. His current consulting and IT staffing business, Solution Partners, Inc., has been operating for 21 years and has engaged more than 350 clients of all sizes. It has survived multiple major economic downturns, and is now achieving record sales.  It drives business from a large network of clients who have worked with us in the past and have come to realize the company’s extensive network of high quality IT talent.   

Prior to founding Solution Partners, Mr. Reynolds was most notably a partner, lead developer, and business development leader for a software product known as Solver.  Solver was licensed and then ultimately sold to Lotus Development Corporation as an integral feature of their 123 product line.


Board Member, Project RELO

Owner / President
Solution Partners, Inc.