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Project RELO Inaugural Mission Set for 13 - 15 May

Grayling, MI —Project RELO, an innovative startup nonprofit dedicated to creating a deeper collaboration between corporate America and our veterans, will soon be executing its inaugural mission in Michigan’s expansive Huron National Forest.

Hands-on leadership training? Got it. Untamed Michigan wilderness? Got it. This coming May, Project RELO will lead a cohort of corporate executives and transitioning veterans on an intensive and immersive leadership and team building exercise.  Run like a military operation, participants will bond over both scripted and unscripted adversity, forging deep and meaningful relationships as they are forced to rely upon one another to navigate through prepared objectives.  

The veterans, domain experts in these environments, will capably demonstrate their knowledge, selflessness, mission orientation and ethic.  It will be here the character and competence of veterans is experienced first-hand.  It will be here Project RELO begins to change the mindset of corporate America’s leaders on the quality of our veterans.

Executives attending a Project RELO mission understand that participation requires service.  Upon completion of the Project RELO exercise, business leaders will be presented with the profiles of 100 additional veterans they have collectively committed to place in their network.  With the intent of ensuring that as many of the 100 vets are hired, the newly formed network collaborates with the new understanding…

…that hiring a vet is more than a social good, it is simply good business.

Project RELO will begin it’s first mission on 13 May and return to base midday of the 15th. Find out more at or email us at