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Project RELO and Camp Grayling Foster Team Building for Vets and Corporate Executives

June 14, 2016

Grayling, MI — On June 24, Project RELO, the innovative startup nonprofit dedicated to creating a deeper collaboration between corporate America and our veterans, will execute another mission in and around the expansive, historic Camp Grayling.

Project RELO will lead a cohort of corporate executives and transitioning veterans on a 3 day, 2 night intensive and immersive leadership and team building exercise. The journey begins on Camp Grayling, where participants will witness high-tech training methods employed by our military to train and prepare our service men and women. 

After observing vehicle roll-over training and simulated weapons fire, the group will proceed off-road into Camp Grayling’s vast training areas.  Over the three-day exercise the combined team will tour the Combined Arms Collective Training Facility (CACTF), use the Dismounted Soldier Training System (DSTS), and observe (from a safe distance) artillery and / or air support missions.

Observing and documenting the progress of Project RELO’s mission will be a film crew from LinkedIn’s  With the intent of capturing the essence of the business – veteran collaboration created by the Project RELO, they will produce three short films that will tell this important story. 

As with previous Project RELO missions, upon conclusion of the exercise, participating business leaders will be presented with the profiles of 100 additional veterans they have collectively committed to place in their network.  With the intent of ensuring that as many of the 100 vets are helped or hired, the newly formed network collaborates with the new understanding…

…that hiring a vet is more than a social good, it is simply good business.

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