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Project RELO Pairs Executives and Veteran Mentors for Immersive and Visceral Leadership Experience

GRAYLING, MI -- The RELO team is at it again! On September 8th, Project RELO is heading back into the military training areas with a fresh set of eager business leaders for one of the most unique leadership experiences in the nation.

Project RELO is in the business of connecting our nation’s veterans with top corporate executives in a totally unique (and completely immersive) leadership experience. No board rooms or tedious meetings here—beginning at the historic Camp Grayling in Northern Michigan, these business teams will encounter the real technology and training used by our nation’s armed forces to create strong leaders through real-world experiences. For three days and two nights, our white collar colleagues will shed what they know about leadership and learn from the best.

Project RELO’s goal is not just to provide the most unique and intense training for business leaders, but to create respect and awareness for the quality and character demonstrated by our veteran comrades. At Project RELO, we believe that quality of character, not specific skill, is what makes a person great both in life and in the business sector. Together, the corporate executives who join us on this trip will pledge to sponsor 100 veterans and personally integrate them into their business network. Through direct hiring, indirect promotion and improved awareness, we will assure that more of our well qualified veterans enter our workforce in meaningful roles and create better business for everyone.

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