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From the Front Lines

Project RELO veterans lead by example.

“It’s like having a four day interview,” explains US Navy veteran Shawn Trisler. Job interviews are often grueling, but not like this.

One month ago Shawn joined Project RELO, a unique startup located outside Chicago that links veterans and top business leaders, on its inaugural mission. Missions, as the RELO team calls them, are rugged multi-day outdoor learning experiences where corporate executives shed their suits and join recently transitioned military veterans in facing the elements and getting more than a little dirty. In July, another group of vets and execs were led by the RELO team against nature and themselves.

The purpose is to get veterans into the business sector by showing corporate leaders how quality character solves problems and gets the job done.

In a traditional interview, the employer has to ascertain from the potential employee’s static resume and testimony whether they’re the appropriate candidate for the position. Even after several interviews, there are only snapshots of who the candidate is. Project RELO turns the interview process on its head by offering a dynamic picture of the veteran candidate in action—the difference between a single picture and a full length movie.

Most employers never get to see their candidates in the tough positions where their character shines through, Shawn recalls in an interview with a RELO team member. While a resume catalogues a candidate’s skills, it doesn’t demonstrate who they are, something Project RELO is passionate about.

What makes veterans ideal for the business sector is the personal character cultivated by their intensive military training. Qualities such as cooperativity, persistence, discernment, and loyalty make them some of the most ideal candidates for corporate careers.

Project RELO is committed to supporting veteran business leaders and entrepreneurs. Find out more about the RELO mission at 

- Natalie