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Leadership and Followership at all Levels

The benefits of an organization that embraces risk-taking

The benefits of an organization that embraces risk-taking

TLP010: Leadership and Followership at all Levels Podcast

In this episode, Christian Anschuetz shares his intention-based leadership style, and how his military career influenced his leadership style, and helped him thrive in a corporate career.  He also discusses how he aims to change the lives of veterans through his work with Project Relo. He talks about the need for leaders throughout the organization – regardless of title.  He also discusses how “followership” is key.  He defines effective leadership as one where an environment exists where people work outside their comfort zone, innovate, and work with a “spring in their step.”  Basically, effective leadership is when people follow willingly. As a leader, Christian creates teams of people who are innovative, support each other through risky situations, and help one another to eliminate the fear of failure.


Key Takeaways

[3:10] How has Christian’s military experience impacted his role as a leader in the traditional corporate environment?

[6:33] We need leaders throughout our entire organization.  Anybody and everybody can lead and that is how you get high performance teams.

[8:18] Christian paints a vision for people of what is expected of them and then follows with the intention behind the goal.

[14:18] If you are going to fail, you are going to fail with your team members who will then propel you past the failure.

[20:36] How to get past the fear of failure by moving into unsafe zones.

[25:20] Project Relo highlights the abilities of veterans and focuses on leadership objectives.

[31:33] When people are pushing themselves into unsafe areas and are innovative, that is when Christian knows he’s being an effective leader.

[39:34] Contact information for Christian and Project Relo.

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