Project RELO


Keep company with those who make
you better

Our volunteers are critical to fulfilling our mission.  Our volunteers have built our organization and help in various capacities from fundraising to event organization, website design, and social media outreach. As our fundraising and mission expands we are needing dedicated people to help grow, manage and extend key functions.  Some of these roles will start off as volunteer positions however when successful will evolve into full-time positions. We are looking for people that possess an entrepreneurial spirit, passion for raising the awareness of the value that veterans bring to organizations and overall energy to do what it takes to make change happen.


Volunteer Outreach manager

We are looking for someone to coordinate and manage our volunteer force inclusive of the Business & Veteran Outreach Leads. This position would be responsible for organizing the activities of our volunteer staff and recruiting, training, and managing new volunteers to support our growth and geographical expansion. Also responsible for harvesting the offers we receive from various executives, alumni, companies, and non-profits that reach out to us on a daily basis to offer support for our mission and mentoring for our veterans.

Development Director

This position will be responsible for spearheading our organization’s fundraising efforts.  Developing the overall fundraising plan inclusive of grants, donations, sponsorships, and in-kind donations, and working with the Executive Director and volunteers to meet our financial goals.

Business Operations Manager

We are looking for a highly organized and experienced individual that can assist us in bringing together the various business needs of our organization and keeping us on target.  With various non-profit requirements for government and financial disclosures we are in need of someone that has experience managing to these expectations. Ideally to assist with various business needs that arise:  key project management, insurance, operations support, and mission logistics.

Business & Veteran Outreach Leads

We are looking for several people across the country to bring our message to organizations and to foster local relationships with corporate veteran hiring managers and transitioning veteran communities. In addition, to coordinate and manage local events that bring together veterans and corporate leaders to bring best practices and raise awareness of successful transitions.

Social Marketing & Brand Communications Manager

Key to our mission is changing the perspective of the value which veterans bring to organizations. Building an integrated strategy that leverages social media, public relations, key partnering and working with our ecosystem to expand our reach and messaging. Also developing unique digital content by partnering with various contributors (academia, corporations, government, and military support groups).

Executive mentorship

Project RELO alumni provide an impressive network of talent and insight to our transitioning veterans. Executive mentor volunteers provide coaching and guidance while assisting our veterans in aligning their skills and experiences to business needs. Join our volunteer ranks and leverage your unique background and knowledge to assist transitioning veterans for their next career outside of the military. Our mentors have guided veterans as they have built companies, pursued full time career positions or developed their consulting focus.

General Volunteer

There is no shortage of opportunities to assist Project RELO and its mission to demonstrate that there is simply an advantage to hiring veterans. If you're passionate about our mission, and want to commit some time and effort to our cause in any capacity, please let us know.